Send and Receive Money Using Crypto Wallet: Meta Mask

Ready to Send and Receive Money Using Crypto Wallet? This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of sending and receiving money using MetaMask, a popular software wallet. Learn how to navigate networks and ensure a smooth, successful transaction by following these simple steps.

Step 1: Install and Set Up MetaMask

Before you can send or receive money using your crypto wallet MetaMask, you’ll need to install the extension and set up your wallet:

  1. Visit the official MetaMask website ( and download the browser extension for your preferred browser (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, or Brave).
  2. Add the extension to your browser and launch it by clicking on the MetaMask icon.
  3. Create a new wallet by following the on-screen instructions, setting a strong password, and securely storing your seed phrase.
  4. Your MetaMask wallet is now ready for use.

Setting Up A Crypto Wallet: Step by Step Guide.

Step 2: Choose the Right Network

Selecting the correct network is crucial when sending or receiving funds with MetaMask. Different cryptocurrencies operate on different networks, so ensure you use the appropriate one for your transaction.

1.Click on the MetaMask icon in your browser to open the extension.

Send and receive crypto wallet

2. Locate the network dropdown menu at the top of the MetaMask window.

Crypto Wallet

3. Click on the dropdown and select the network that corresponds to the cryptocurrency you wish to transact with (e.g., Ethereum Mainnet for Ether or Binance Smart Chain for Binance Coin). Click add network and select the one you want to add.

Crypto Wallet

Note: Always double-check the network before initiating a transaction, as sending funds to the wrong network can result in the permanent loss of your assets.

4. Click on the send button.

Crypto Wallet

5. Enter the address that you want to send to.

Crypto Wallet

6. Click Next and then it will tell you the amount of the fees to send. Click confirm and the process will begin.

Crypto Wallet

7. Check your transaction using To find the exact transaction click the activity button and there will be a link there.

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Step 3: Receiving Money in MetaMask

To receive money in your MetaMask wallet, follow these steps:

1.Open the MetaMask extension by clicking on the icon in your browser.

2.Ensure you’re on the correct network using the dropdown menu at the top of the window.

3. Click on the “Account” tab to view your wallet’s public address, which is a string of letters and numbers.

crypto wallet

Click on the “Copy to clipboard” icon next to your public address to copy it.

Share the copied address with the sender, ensuring they use the correct network for the transaction. You may need to import the token so that it shows up in the wallet. For detailed instructions see the article How to Add Coins to MetaMask Wallet.

Example: If you want to receive Ether (ETH), make sure you’re on the Ethereum Mainnet and share your Ethereum address with the sender.


Sending and receiving money with MetaMask is a straightforward process once you understand the importance of selecting the right network. By following this step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to confidently execute transactions while minimizing the risk of lost funds. Always double-check your network and wallet addresses to ensure a smooth and secure experience in the world of cryptocurrencies